"Cool Looing, High Performance!"
That's the design concept of Xeneiga.
Key points of the design are the lower roof and
the smooth airflow toward the wing

Very appealing front "wing nose".

Not only generates strong downforce,cool paint-works
realize slender looks.

This is our answer of our hard work on a front wing
as an effective aero dynamic device.

Looks like a bulldozer...?
It's just your imagination.
To prevent heat power-loss of high turn motors,
the biggest entry-duct is designed.

Only left side is used normally.
Please put a mesh sheet to prevent dust when the right side is used.
The air enterd from the duct flows over the motor and
gose out towerd the rear wing.

Effectively cools down the optional heatsink bars.
An evacuation fan will work well to eliminate the heat of the motor.

(Painted by Chief TANEGASHIMA)

Application to the KMC conversion chassis

An illustration of how to apply to the KMC conversion.
The experimental vehicl of Team AZARASHI is shown.
Hence the cabin of Xeneiga body is designed compact,
a low-profile servo is required to applied for a KMC conversion.
iFutaba r9550, jn PDS-2413ICS, and so on...j

Please use as small servo saver as possible.
The one on the picture is of Kawada.

Servo mounts available in the market will work as shon on the picture.
Wing nose...
Can be used as a dummy nose by cutting out the wing part.
Now working for the release on Mid February!
Chek it out!